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Whether you are looking to take on some new students or would just like a web presence for your teaching business, is the answer…

As a teacher, why should I list myself on

The internet has today become the #1 resource for people when searching for information, goods or services. Every business needs a web presence, however big or small it may be.
Higher site traffic due to the broad range of teaching fields and country options offered on our site.
Students do not have to sign up to our site in order to conduct a search. Leaving details is optional. This makes the site less formal for students.
By charging teachers a small membership fee, we are able to more effectively advertise this site and make regular updates to ensure the site is as easy to use as possible. It also means the teachers listed on our site are recent and still in business, unlike listings in free directories that can be years old.
You receive your very own Profile page/web presence.
24/7 password protected access to your details allowing you to update or correct your details at any time. This means the information on our site is always as up to date and accurate as possible.
This site has been designed with students in mind. Ease of use and accuracy of content results in repeat visits by students.
Students are able to contact teachers directly via an online contact form or by phone. They are NOT required to contact us first or submit their details to us at any stage.
You gain access to the Teachers Lounge; this password protected area is for registered teachers only. Discuss your problems or ideas with other teachers in the online forums, submit details of an upcoming/workshop or camp for students to view, update/edit your details, browse our discounts page that lists businesses offering discounts on such things as music/sports/yoga equipment – these discounts are only available to our registered teachers.

Advantages over FREE directory listings:
There are many different online directories that offer FREE memberships to their users. Unfortunately as a result majority of these directories do not have the time and money to spend on advertising, promoting and maintaining their directory content. Another big problem with free directories is users submitting their details more than once to achieve more exposure. This can deter people from using or returning to the site as it can become very difficult to sort through the information and find exactly what you are looking for.

With a paid listing this problem is significantly reduced allowing all users equal amount of exposure and providing visitors to the site with only the most relevant and up-to-date information. A site with trusted content will ultimately achieve more return visitors.

At Find Me A we feel that by charging teachers a small fee we are more effectively able to promote the website and the teachers on it, as well as making site updates to keep the site ‘fresh’ and give visitors a reason to return. It also allows us to keep our site free from banner advertising. We have tried to keep the membership costs to a minimum and believe that in most cases, if a teacher picks up one or two new students from our site over the period of their membership, then the money spent on this site will have already paid for itself.

Unlike other online teacher directories that focus on one field of teaching, be it yoga, music, or dance, attracts students of all types. This is an advantage for our teachers because for example: a student looking for music lessons on our site may come across yoga and decide they would like to try a yoga lesson as well. This cross promotion helps all our teachers gain more exposure.

Advertising and Promotion:
Unlike free directories, is advertised both online and in various Printed media. We are constantly trying to achieve the best Search Engine rankings possible and are always looking for new and better ways to promote the site and the teachers on it. By being listed on you are joining a large group of teachers, all with the same objectives and need for exposure. The more teachers listed on, the more advertising and promotion we are able to do.

Own Profile Page/Web Presence:
Upon signup, each teacher receives their very own profile page that lists all their information relevant to new students. This is also perfect for private teachers who may not have their own website – this provides them with a web presence that they are more than welcome to use for their own private use.

Be In Control..
Each teacher has unlimited 24/7 password-protected access to their own profile page, allowing them to update or edit their details at any time. This provides teachers with a quick, easy and secure way of maintaining their details and making sure they are always up to date.

Ease of Use for Students:
Students are able to quickly and easily locate teachers based on their interests and location. We have also made it easier for students to find teachers located outside the major cities but still within traveling distance.
Once a student is interested in contacting a teacher they have found on, it is as simple as either phoning or sending a contact form to the relevant teacher. We put the students directly in contact with you. Best of all, we do not charge students to use this service!

Students and Teachers also have the option of arranging a time to meet in our online chat room to further discuss the possibility of lessons with one another.

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